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Ship's Cook Wanted

We are looking for Ship's Cook - skilled to prepare a range of tasty, healthy meals for the entire crew. You will responsible for food procurement and food supply management. The best candidate shall be able to organize and oversee all galley activities and apply ship galley safety and health standards.

Arriva Shipping was founded in 1972 by Johannes Matre as a family-owned shipping company. Today the company is located with head office in Ølensvåg and branch offices in Stavanger and Gdansk.

Arriva Shipping owns and operates in a total of 6 self-discharging dry cargo vessels ranging from 3,700 to 6,400 deadweight tons. The company also uses hired tonnage, from 5-10 vessels, either on T/C or on a commission basis. The vessels operate mainly in Northern Europe.

Are You ready to join Arriva Team?

Please send Your CV to office@arrivashipping .eu

We are happy to assist You and answer all Your questions regarding offered job and all MLC2006 related information.


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